Why Should I Exercise?

Why Exercise?

Is it more important to exercise and eat what you want?  Or is it better to eat right and not exercise?  Or is there a balance?

“Smart” trainers will tell you that it is 99% ‘right’ nutrition and 1% exercise.  In my case, I was doing the nutrition and no exercise and that certainly did not work!  That 1% is just as important as the 99% and may be the ‘key’ for you.

No matter how much you work out,  how many calories you burn, you will not change your physical appearance if you don’t eat the way a lean body needs to be fueled!


Exercise gives us many benefits:

  1. Great energy!
  2. Improved mental clarity
  3. Decreased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis (if weight-bearing exercise),  and breast cancer (up to 60%)
  4. Increased strength and endurance
  5. Reduced stress levels and stress hormones
  6. Improved digestion, immune function and sleep quality
  7. Reduces probability for depression

So clearly exercise is important! What 5 keys can help you better implement exercise into your routine?

  • KEY #1  – Strength training produces three times as much body fat loss as only doing aerobic exercise. That means only doing the tread machine and reading a book will produce minimal fat burning!
  • KEY #2 – When doing aerobics – do interval/sprint conditioning!  That means short duration with high/low intensity.  This is far better for fat burning.
  • KEY #3 – Add strength building activities to build muscle and bone density.  This is just as important for women as men!
  • KEY #4  – Be sure to consume half of your body weight in ounces of protein.  We offer our great Body By Vi nutritional shakes which include protein, for more information, contact us and we would be happy to help you!
  • Key #5 – Consume half of your body weight in ounces of water.
Muscle needs protein and water to build and it is muscle that helps the body burn fat!
Do what you love, just be smart in what you do!  Here’s to a lean body that you love to see when you look in the mirror at YOU!   

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