What Threatens You?

The human body is an amazing creation. We are programmed with a ‘protective program’ to any perceived threat. It doesn’t matter if the threat is real or imagined. It could be –

  • Physical (poor diet, sedentary job, etc.)
  • Emotional (abusive relationship, tight finances, loss of job, etc.)
  • Structural (whip lash from a car accident, etc.)

Once the body perceives a threat, the ‘fight or flight’ mechanism (adrenaline) kicks in. This mechanism is ‘hard wired’ into your body to protect you. It serves a real purpose and you can’t change it! When you are in real danger, you want your body on ‘red alert’ status.

However, when “red alert” (stress) becomes your normal lifestyle, you use very expensive fuel (adrenaline) to survive. The first signs of overusing that expensive fuel are fatigue, brain fog, and poor sleep!

You can’t change the protective program (it is hard-wired into you) – – you can change your perception. Let me illustrate how the process works:

  • Draw 2 horizontal, parallel lines about 3 inches apart.
  • Between the 2 lines, write COMFORT ZONE and put some dots randomly inside the space.
  • Now place a dot somewhere above the top line.

The dot represents anything that feels threatening or stressful to you. The more you focus on the dot, the bigger it gets (more fight or flight) and the smaller your comfort zone becomes. Some of the other dots are now outside your comfort zone. As your comfort zone shrinks more things bother you. Sound like your life?

What’s the Option? Change how you perceive the situation!

Exercise could be a dot that lies outside your comfort zone (or select your own example). Here are some steps to change your perception of the dot:

  1. Identify something that interests you. I don’t really like the treadmill but I love to dance.
  2. Identify your desired outcome. I want a body that can move easily.
  3. Identify an easy step to reach that desired outcome that is of interest to you!

I enjoy dancing – I could take a class on Wednesdays, or go to a dance party on Saturday night. Now your brain is focused on what you “CAN DO instead of “fight or flight!”

This process allow you to bypass the protective program and enlarge your comfort zone. You are eliminating the aging, harmful effects of stress . . . you are Living!

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