What Does Your Photo Say?

Recently, a model mentored me on how to take an expressive picture. Her words really caught my attention. “It is not about how you look, but about the story you are telling yourself when the picture is taken.”

Those words really impacted me. As I have ‘played around’ with pictures recently, I’m noticing that what I am feeling ‘inside’ really does show on the outside. A smile from the heart is very different than moving facial muscle into a smile.

Several years ago I began to realize I lean tend towards very intense, serious facial expressions. I decided to change that and began to intentionally practice relaxing my facial muscles into a more ‘neutral’ expression. Over time I found that felt more natural. The more I practiced; the more I found my facial expressions really paralleled what I thought about (my story) and how I felt.

Look at your ‘self’ in the mirror and in your pictures. What are they saying to you if you can be honest? Not critical, not judging, just honest.

Today, my smile comes from my heart and it shows up so much more than it ever did before. Notice the story you are telling yourself . . . you are writing the story of a lifetime – – YOURS!

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