Viola – Balance!

One of my 90 Day Challenges has been to be able to balance on one leg for my yoga poses. I realize that the average person easily stands on one foot any time they want to. For me, that has been a skill I’ve never had. Consequently, walking on sandy beaches, hiking on loose gravel and going up and down stairs has been a challenge.

Instead of feeling stupid, I decided to ‘take on the challenge’ and conquer this weakness. I’m so thankful for my personal trainers, Susan Iverson and Beth Gannon, and the great instructors at the YMCA who do great Pilates and yoga classes. I’ve especially enjoyed Rusiana, Dawn and Susan at the Y. Great instructors, coaches and trainers can help so much when you are in the midst of a Challenge (literally and figuratively!).

I found I was constantly saying to myself “I can’t balance!” What we say to ourselves is what we create. I’m certainly a living example of that. I began to change how I talked about my balance.

After about 60 days of being on this Challenge, I was in Canada doing a seminar. I was talking about my 90 Day Challenge on balance and I went to demonstrate how I couldn’t stand on one foot . . . only I DID stand on one foot for over 6 seconds! I thought it was a fluke, so I did it again and I again I stood on one foot for over 6 seconds! Stunned, I was trying to figure out what had changed. What had changed was my self-talk.

This last 90 Day Challenge has taught me that living life fully requires balance as we pursue goals. I’m learning to ‘live in the present’, relax, breathe (a biggie!), trust, smile (another big deal) and do the ‘one thing’ I can do right now. My energy is focused on being present right now and doing the one thing I can do, peacefully, freely and with the belief that I can. . . . . viola! Balance on one foot and in the rest of my life!

If you want to learn how to have more balance, create more fitness, check out these great trainers at the Monument YMCA. Check out my 90 Day Challenge at

As the new year approaches, instead of setting a New Year’s resolution that is gone in 2 weeks, set a 90 Day Challenge, join a community to support you and be in a very different place come March, 2012!!!

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