Today I Beat the System

by Anna Townsley on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 at 9:22pm

“Today I beat the system,” is something Nick Sarnicola (co-founder of Visalus) posted on facebook yesterday and it really stuck with me. He was referring to the “9-5 rat race” system it is so easy to get stuck in, but what I realized is there are so many types of “systems” we can get stuck in. Systems that keep us from living and enjoying the fullness this life has to offer. I wrote the phrase down as a reminder to DAILY beat the systems that I so easily get trapped in… and I’m happy to say that all afternoon I have had a huge smile on my face as I continue to beat three big “systems” in my life!…

As we all know, today is Valentine’s day. Besides love, today is notoriously know for chocolate and candy, in other words… SUGAR! Well, I am proud to say that my journey of breaking my addiction to sugar continues and I have stayed free of all sugar & sweets, all day!! I honestly don’t know if I could say that to be true of any past Valentine’s day, or better yet, any Valentine’s week – I mean let’s be honest, that Valentine’s candy is in the stores much longer than one day and I always used to take advantage of that… but not this year! 🙂 And better yet, today marks the third holiday this year that I have stayed sugar free (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Valentines)! And the best part is I haven’t felt deprived one bit. I’m not doing this as a diet, or a “should.” I’m doing this to beat the system and live the life of my dreams – and it feels amazing!

I mentioned that today I beat three systems, here’s what I was referring to:

1. The “system” of addiction – as I continue to say no to sugar, I am continuing to beat the addiction that held me in bondage to food for over 20 years.

2. The “system” of dieting – my choice to say no to sugar isn’t because of some diet, or “should.” I no longer live in that system. To me a diet isn’t living life to the full, it’s deprivation; it’s a bondage to a belief of how I “should” eat, while I secretly look forward to “cheat days.” No, I am creating a LIFESTYLE, a lifestyle of taking care of body and making wise food choices, all while still enjoying life. And yes, at some point I’m sure I will occasionally enjoy sugar again, but for right now I’m happy just saying “no.”

3. The “system” of being ruled by my weight – as I’ve mentioned in prior posts, my current challenge involves learning how to LIVE life without constantly thinking about and focusing on my weight. And I’m proud to say that I continued to make progress with that goal today!

So here is how my Valentine’s Day 2012 has gone… throughout the day I’ve reflected on all of the incredible people I have in my life who I love dearly. I made delicious chocolate protein cupcakes to enjoy tonight (yes, they’re ALL protein & no sugar – even the frosting)! And as the day winds down I’m enjoying my hot date – my dog 🙂 and preparing for tomorrow, where I will once again find another way to “BEAT THE SYSTEM!”

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 🙂

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