To Change Or Not To Change

Creating Change

How do you know when it is time to change jobs?  Or change companies that you represent?  Or even a move to a new city?  Or maybe even friendships?    These are very serious questions that people often have no game plan to address – – they simply react or stay stuck.

I’ve had many opportunities to move on or remain in situations, and over the years I’ve developed a checklist to help me in my decision process.  I would like to share that checklist and then share a personal story.

Change Checklist

What is the desired outcome?

Every outcome must have a benefit for all people involved not just you or the other person. If I simply need to be ‘right’ it is not an outcome that benefits all involved.

What pattern is operating?

Every problem follows a pattern I have yet to address.  Once I can see that pattern I can begin to recognize what I’m doing to attract and perpetuate it.  This allows me to be responsible for my part, which is the only thing I can truly change.

 How can I get neutral?

When I’m emotional, I can’t be neutral and if I’m not neutral I can’t make wise decisions.  Neutral doesn’t mean you agree or condone, it just means you can look at information from more perspectives than your own.  Being neutral allows you to be useful and make quality decisions.

Who can give me neutral feedback and input?

Often we seek out people to prove our point or stance.  That isn’t neutral and doesn’t allows us to grow and go beyond repeating the same self-serving (or destroying) patterns.

Business Story

We have been in network marketing for over 15 years.  A few years ago we were in a situation where our team was not doing well (we had the income and car, but the team didn’t),  company sales were dropping and product launches were not successful.  We looked at many options in order to determine whether it was a ‘time to change or not.’  Let’s see how the checklist played out.

What is the desired outcome?

Our desired outcome was for our team and us to jointly prosper.  So many people only look at their own prospering.  In business, you can’t truly prosper unless everyone has an opportunity to prosper. Yet as the team prospers, you must also do well.

In this case we were doing well, but our team wasn’t and that indicated time for a change.

What pattern is operating?

We saw several patterns in us.  We saw that we had gotten caught up in busy and ‘busy’ was being duplicated in our team.  Our ‘busyness’ had to change so that productivity could duplicate in the team.  That was something we needed to change or we would just take that behavior into any new situation and create the same pattern.

In this case, we had behavior to change in us so we could duplicate productivity instead of ‘busy’. 

How can I get neutral?

Forest and I look at information differently, so we knew if we could both get neutral and explore options without being emotional, we could look at the variables differently.  When we really looked at the actual success of our team, it became obvious that something was truly off in our old situation.

In this case, getting neutral indicated that change would be good for everyone.

Who can give me neutral feedback and input?

We met with owners, did due diligence on products, looked at the character and history of people we would be partnering with, prayed and talked to each other.  We gave ourselves time to honestly evaluate new opportunities and ourselves.

After doing all 4 steps, it was clear a change of company was needed along with some fundamental changes in our productivity. 

The result has been . . . seeing our team do well and we have surpassed our previous success. We have made course corrections in us and  we have learned some valuable lessons instead of repeating old patterns.

It wasn’t just about changing; it was the process of ‘how’ we changed and how to create healthy outcomes in a new season.  If we had just ‘jumped ships’ I highly doubt those outcomes would have happened!

If you are in a business situation that doesn’t allow you to prosper, maybe it is time to seek out options.  Just remember, the checklist requires you look at you, who you partner with and the opportunities not just for you, but the team and their success.

Forest and I  are here to help you make wise decisions that prosper you and the people you associate with.

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