The Transformation Journey Continues

Running the race of corporate America created many ‘debts’ in my life with my health. I was oblivious to that until I had a baby and found my body just didn’t bounce back.  Now, that was 25 years ago!  However, the ensuing years have taught me much about self-care . . . . I’m the only person who can truly take care of me.  Others can support my efforts, but self-care is my job in order to really enjoy life to the fullest and eliminate the debt that comes from ignoring me!

During the years as a doctor, I learned to eat a perfect diet, take supplements (good ones!) and help a lot of people.  It was a rewarding time of learning and health restoration.  I was rarely sick, depression lifted and my hormones stabilized.  I was feeling good and loved sharing what I had learned with thousands of clients from around the world.

I did start noticing that as most women aged, they shrank in height, widened in the middle, rounded their posture and became more unbalanced (in lots of ways!).  Those women had more falls, joint replacements and aging health challenges.  As I looked in the mirror, I could see I was headed in that direction!  Great eating habits and supplements were not addressing this area at all!

 I made a commitment to begin exercising with baby steps!  I started with 30 seconds (not minutes!) on a recumbent bike.  That put me in bed for hours.  I had a long way to go but I had started.  After 6 years, I had lost 35 pounds, but I still had the same matronly shape!  My triceps could still swing a dance like my grandmother’s triceps!  My shoulders were almost non-existent and I certainly would not bare my shoulders to prove it!  I was working so hard to get such tiny changes.

No one was more surprised than I when my First 90 Day Challenge produced these results!  I had only changed one thing – – the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge!  This is me – – – I have muscle!  It shows and it isn’t a figment of my imagination!  It was so encouraging seeing the posture change, the muscles appear and my overall shape change!  I went from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8 jean!  All in 90 days (not another 6 years). But the journey didn’t stop there!

Bring on the Second 90 Day Challenge!  My goal was to continue to build strength, eliminate the ‘pooch’ and begin doing pull-ups, push-ups and triceps dips.  At 57 I beat out 30-year old women by doing 100 triceps dips – at one time!  That was amazing to me.   My figure continued to change and turning 58 hasn’t slowed me down!

 So what is in store for my Third 90 Day Challenge?  I’m focused on balance and learning how to do all my yoga poses on one leg.  Balance means I can trust myself yet not have to do it all by myself.  What a difference that will make in my life!

 How about you?  Of all the things I have done in my 20+ year career in the wellness industry, this one simple step –  – – a 90 Day Challenge –  – –  has made the biggest difference!  It is easy, affordable (or free), full of support and creates real results!  I invite you to join us and create those results in your life today!

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