The Power Of Support

Ready for Change?  Get your support team in place!

Entering a ‘gym’ was a monumental decision for me.  Having never liked working out (what an understatement that is!), it took a lot of prodding for me to cross that threshold for the first time!

Over the past three years, I’ve been to several gyms and have joined three.  I have found I can get a good workout, enjoy the time with my trainer and attend classes.  I’ve enjoyed those experience, but then I found there is a whole new level of possibilities in a gym!

Joining the Kempo Universal kickboxing group was a totally different experience!

For the first time, I experienced what it must be like to be on a sports team.  (Clearly being on a High School and College sports team was not one of my childhood experiences!)

A team supports, encourages and everyone feels like a winner when someone reaches a new level of success.  People care and they show it!  What an amazing and rich experience for someone like me!

The first day, people came up and introduced themselves and welcomed me.  Each time I came they encouraged me to do more than I thought I could do.  When we were doing ‘mop the floor’ drills, they would get down there and show me how to do it more easily.  They cared about me succeeding and they demonstrated it every single time I was there!

For the first time I really ‘got’ how support totally changes the experience of someone learning something new.  That support became a lifeline during my Kickboxing 90 Day Challenge.  Once that challenge was over, there was no desire to let go of that support!

The other gyms are functional, but they don’t have the same heart as my Kempo ‘home’.

Whether you choose to exercise, take a cooking class, join a transformation challenge – – KNOW that the support you get plays a huge role in your success.  Not only the support you get but also the support you give.

Now, I’m turning around and encouraging new people and loving the realization that I have something to give way beyond my professional role as a doctor. I can give my heart of overcoming a big obstacle; I can encourage and support and make a difference!

Support does make a difference — -don’t settle for anything less!

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