The Breakup (Challenge #5) by Anna Townsley

February 1st marked the beginning of my 5th 90 Day Challenge – and it’s probably different from what you would expect – I know it was for me! See, I’ve made a lot of progress this last year but still haven’t reach my final weight loss goal. Being my own worst critic, I could easily give you a list of things I need do better (with diet, exercise, etc.), despite how much I am already doing “right.” That in mind, I WAS going to call my 5th Challenge my, “knockout round” challenge. I was going to leave nothing untouched, do everything right, give 110%… or, as my mom mentioned this week, my goal was to be perfect. Sounds like fun, right?? I’ll admit it didn’t fully excite me, but it’s what I thought was necessary.

Leave it to parents to say what you need to hear. Two days before starting this quest to be “perfect,” my mom called me out. In short, she challenged me that while it has been good to address my weight issue and get healthy, I might as well call my weight my “best friend.” She said that I think, talk, and act like it is one of the most important relationships in my life. And then she suggested that it’s become an unhealthy relationship in my life. The ironic thing is that my devotional I had read earlier that morning talked about how the thing you think about most is a god in your life. Upon reading that my first thought was that my weight is what I think about the most – but conveniently I pushed that thought to the side. I guess God was set on making a point on Monday!

My mom encouraged me to change my challenge goal to be something that did NOT involve my weight for 90 days – and from the instant she mentioned it, I knew she was right. In fact, this might just be my hardest challenge yet. If I’m completely honest, in some way, shape, or form, I have had a “relationship” with my weight for 20 years now. I have allowed it to influence every area of my life, and it is going to take a conscious effort to define myself without that “relationship.” Even as my mom & I were talking through this, my response was, “but what if I don’t lose any weight during these 90 days?” Oh my!

So what is my new 90 Day goal?? Well, yesterday I “broke up” with my weight, and the goal is to learn to live life without it! Like many who struggle with their weight, I could give you a list of all the things I have decided I can/can’t do because of my current weight, things I put on hold, or areas where I discredit myself. It’s time for that to change! The scale and measuring tape have been put away, and I have committed to not talk about my weight for the next 90 days (I’m asking those of you who I see on a regular basis to hold be accountable). I’m also committed to “re-programming” my mind – every time a thought comes to mind about my weight, I’m taking it captive and replacing it with scripture. And I am also committing to partake in at least 12 fun life experiences, particularly ones I have avoided because of my weight – stay tuned to find out what I pick!

One thing that is particularly going to be interesting is learning how to stay committed to healthy food choices & exercise – not because of weight loss goals, but rather because it’s a healthy lifestyle I enjoy!

Up until this point the most significant challenge I took on was fasting sugar and breaking my addiction/relationship to food. Now I am excited to see the life I can continue to create by breaking my relationship to my weight! I also have some FUN goals already picked out for my 6th & 7th challenges!! πŸ™‚

And here is my challenge to YOU: what is it that you think most about on a daily basis (it could be anything)? Does that “thing” hold a healthy place in your life, or is it perhaps something for you to address as well? Just food for thought!

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