Sustaining Balance – Creating a Life That Flows!

Reading is a favorite pastime to learn and to help me ‘stay on course’ in life. A new book (The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz) mentions that beyond survival, our needs begin at the physical level of sustainability. He goes on to say, “Our physical capacity is foundational, because every other source of energy depends on it.”
The ability to flow between activity and rest is what allows balance to occur. Most people end up jumping into “fixes” that only cause balance to be more elusive and their energy bank accounts to be bankrupt! Check out which side you operate in. Do you “flow” or “jump?”
Active – Spike                                      Passive – Numb_______
Caffeine                                                    Alcohol
Sugar                                                        Sleeping pills
Simple carbs                                            Overeating (portions)
Energy drinks (adrenaline-based)       Television
Cortisol (belly fat)                                   Painkillers
Active – Energize                             Passive – Chill_______
Lean protein *                                      Takes regular breaks
Complex carbs                                      Naps (R&R Pose)
Movement (exercise)                          Meditation/Quiet time
Yoga/stretching                                   Sleep (full night of sleep)
Play/laughing                                       Vacations
The more we choose to operate in the energizing activities and chill activities, the more we live a life of balance and sustainable energy. If you are honest, where do you “live?”
What one step could you take today to move from ‘jumping’ through life to ‘flowing?’ I find most of my life is now in the ‘flowing’ realm and what a difference it makes in every area of my life. The more I have sustainable energy, the more value I feel I create in my life and I can offer that value without going into ‘debt!’
I feel that I have a ‘bank’ of energy to make withdrawals from as I interact with people. And when I feel a need for a ‘deposit’ I go to the energizing category and make wise choices. In the past I would have gone for a quick “fix” by looking for a spike of energy. . . I realized that is very expensive!  
Did these changes happen overnight? No! Learning to give myself permission to pick healthy energizing choices and giving myself permission to grow has taken time. And the fruit is changing ALL of my life. Aren’t you worth that same investment? Without that bank of energy, sustainable balance will be an elusive mystery that seems to only work for a few.
Expose that myth and change the course of your life. Dip into the energizing and chilling activities and let your life begin to flow with balance. You will be so glad you made the choice!
* Vi Shakes help with adding more protein to the diet.


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