Sugar Blues or Sweet Living

Recently Ginger contacted me on Facebook wanting to lose weight (she is over 300 pounds). Due to her size, I suggested she do the questionnaires on our website ( As soon as I saw her Candida Test score, I knew what the problem was – – SUGAR!

Candida is a type of parasitic yeast-like fungus that inhabits the intestines, genital tract, mouth, esophagus and throat. In a normal person, this fungus is held in check with the good bacteria found in the gut. When out of balance, this fungus proliferates and becomes “Candida.”

Many factors contribute to the overgrowth of Candida. Among them are antibiotics, food allergies, birth control usage, and SUGAR! In Ginger’s case it was clearly her intake of sugar.

Children are prone to Candida if mom has it. A breast-fed baby is less likely to develop it, unless it is picked up in the birth canal. Candida can manifest as thrush, diaper rash, swollen tonsils, ear infections and colic in babies and children.

Candida symptoms mirror so many other conditions it can be hard to identify. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • chronic fatigue lack of energy dry mouth
  • bloating and/or indigestion sugar cravings hormone imbalances
  • PMS, cramps sinus issues ear infections
  • mood swings brain fog skin problems
  • allergies low immune function

To determine if Candida might be a problem for you, go to our website at Click and go to the Candida Questionnaire.

If you score is over 100 for men or 150 for women, it is highly likely you are dealing with Candida. Ginger’s score was 250! Clearly she had a problem.

What do you do?

The first thing is to change your diet and quit feeding the little ‘critters!’ That means omitting sugar, yeast, cheese, fermented foods, dairy and wheat. WHOA you say – – what is left to eat? Those foods represent the bulk of a Candida-ridden person’s diet. Before cutting those foods out, it will really help if you add something to deal with the sugar cravings.

The Vi-Shake (meal replacement drink) has protein, minerals, enzymes, prebiotics and fiber. It eliminates sugar cravings and it feeds the healthy, good bacteria in the gut. As a result it is easier to cut out the offending foods. Contact the Lifestyle for Health office at 719-487-3171 for more information on the Vi-Shake or for dealing with a suspected Candida problem.

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