Scrambled or Stirred? – – EGGstra Easy!

eggs1Years ago I found I just didn’t really feel good after I had scrambled eggs, especially the fluffiest of eggs. From a culinary perspective, beating the eggs well does make for the best scrambled eggs.

Over the years I have found research that the more you incorporating air by beating the eggs, the more difficult digestion can be. That was certainly true for me. Once I started ‘stirring’, the better my egg dishes tasted to me. Then I began to experiment and add more ingredients, but still stirred the eggs. Found I loved this option more than scrambled or omelets.

eggs2One of my favorite quick lunches is to ‘stir’ eggs, chopped spinach, raw-cheese sometimes some basil, parsley, onions, etc). Top with some Greek yogurt and some avocado and I have a great meal of protein and good fats. Add a salad or just eat alone. Very easy and you can adapt for you or any number of people.

Enjoy your eggs!


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