Remedies Straight from Your Kitchen

I love finding effective strategies from common items in my home. So many of us have forgotten or never knew remedies our grandmothers used, but they did use them for a reason – – they worked. Here are some of my favorite remedies – – Enjoy!

Use those Eggs!
Take a small amount of egg white (raw), lightly stir it to break up the viscosity. Brush it on a clean face (all make-up removed). Leave on for 45 minutes or even overnight (you can’t see it!). Wash off. The egg white tightens the skin and leaves it firm, radiant and smooth for just pennies!

Sugar can be Useful!
Sugar scrubs are found in high-end spas and most health food stores. They are so simple to make for you or give as gifts. Use 1 ½ cups sugar to 1 ¼ cups oil (almond oil or coconut oil is nice). You can also add your favorite essential oil (i.e., lavender or mint) to add a nice fragrance. Use in the shower or a nice hot bath. It exfoliates and smoothes the skin!

Baking Soda for those Meatballs
For people who are avoiding grains and still want to make meatloaf or meatballs, this tip works well. Use about 1 ½ tsp baking soda for one pound of meat. You can also rub some baking soda into meat before doing a stir-fry. It will help to tenderize the meat so you can use a less-expensive cut of meat.

Baby Food Doubles in Shakes and Muffins
I love variety in my protein shakes (Vi Shake in our 90 Day Challenge), yet hate to open full can of pumpkin when I only need a tablespoon. When making a shake or muffins, use baby food. It is the right size and you don’t have waste. Read the label to ensure you are getting as little sugar as possible.

Our favorite, easy muffin is:

2 cups Vi Shake Protein powder (dry mix)

1 cups milk (or unsweetened almond milk)

1 ½ tsp baking powder

Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Makes 12 muffins (gluten-free, high protein). Great snacks!

You can use pumpkin baby food or other flavors and add appropriate spice (i.e., pumpkin pie spice, apple pie spice). Great food, no waste!

Car Sickness
Often ginger can help with any form of motion sickness. Try some candied ginger, ginger tea or even ginger capsules.

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