Relaxing Tight Shoulders

Tight shoulders are considered the ‘universal stress point’ in nutrition. It can get to the point where a person can’t easily raise their arms above their head. Many people think that is normal and miss out on getting range of motion restored.

Here are several tips we have found work for Forest and many of the patients I’ve had in the clinic.

Omega 3s

Few people realize that tight shoulders and ribs are due to a nutritional deficiency of Omega 3s (the good fats – flax and fish oils). In addition, to tight shoulders, people with this deficiency often have a history of canker sores, muscle weakness, dry skin, loss of hair and find themselves to be slow morning starters. Does any of that sound familiar?

Recommendation: The quickest way to restore your Omega 3 supply is through a daily intake of flax or fish oil. My favorite is Barlean’s Omega Swirl. It tastes delicious, is easy to digest and much more bio-available for the body. You can find it in your local health food store or on our website at


Many exercises focus on the shoulders. One of the easiest ones you can do simply requires a ‘corner’ – in your shower, a hallway, etc. Find a corner, place your palms shoulder-height on the walls, feet about 3-feet from the corner. Now do a simple pressing towards the corner as if you were doing a push-up. This stretches the chest open, moves the shoulder blades together and helps open up the shoulders. This is a great way to relax after doing a lot of computer work or sitting.

Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT)

We had the privilege of meeting a local specialist, Brad Carlson, who works with professional athletes and normal people like us! (You can connect with Brad at 719-338-2100 or his website

Forest had had a tight right shoulder for 26+ years. He saw Brad for one appointment and had a release of shoulder motion that allowed him to easily reach his arm above his head. Forest had done a lot of other work, takes Omega 3s, exercises, but couldn’t restore full range of motion. Sometimes it is finding just the right resource that your body needs to get the next level of results.

One of the joys of pursuing health is that when you are ready for another breakthrough, the options show up. We see that on a regular basis and are enjoying more health and fitness than ever before. Join us on our next 90 Day Challenge by checking us out at!

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