Shhh!!! Quiet Time

Build Quiet Time Into Your Day

Our days are full and our minds run full speed ahead. Without regular quiet time, it is impossible to stay grounded, calm and effective. For years, I fought the battle of doing “Quiet Time” with the common excuses of:

  • I’m too busy
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I’m too impatient
  • It doesn’t make a difference
  • I’ll do it when I have more time

Just reading those excuses, I shake my head.  It isn’t about more time – – you only get 24 hours in day no matter who you are and how wealthy you become!  The key is what you do with the time you have. Quiet time is designed to give you time to reflect on what is and isn’t working, to relax and breathe, to quiet your mind and let God speak to your heart.I’ve been investing in quiet time for years now and I can totally tell the difference on the days I start with quiet time and the days I don’t.  Even 10 minutes of peace and quiet can shift your mind and your heart.  I’ve learned to ‘let’ my mind quiet so my heart can speak up.  I’ve learned to be ‘in the moment’ instead of planning and running mental races.  I’ve learned to pause and appreciate all that I have in the moment.  Those changes have enriched my life immeasurably. Here are a few tips to help you create your quiet time:

Identify your ideal environment

I love our deck with flowers, trees, birds and comfy chairs.  I just breathe in peace.  In the winter, I have a cozy corner in my office with some flowers (or pictures of flowers) that give me a sense of my ‘garden.’  Find an environment that ‘feeds your soul’ for your quiet time.

Set a time to be quiet

The best time is early morning – – it sets the tone for your day.  I like to have an hour, but even 10 minutes can make a difference.  I do my best to do it everyday – – – when ‘life’ happens, I restart the next day.


Your quiet time is an excellent time to focus on what you appreciate in your life.  The more you appreciate the more you enjoy your life.  The more you ‘fuss’ the more you see wrong with your life. In addition to appreciation, the next thing to do is ask questions.  I ask questions of God on ‘next steps.’  For example, I am doing a 90 Day Challenge to build Ambassadors (6-figure income earners), so I ask God for the next step in being the person who will attract people who desire that goal.  I ask for timing and insights.  Then I listen! It is amazing what shows up when I quiet my mind, appreciate what I have and then ask questions.  I journal that process.  It is exciting to go back and read all that has happened over the years.

Give Yourself Grace

Yes, sometimes “life” happens!  When I miss a quiet time, I forgive myself and get right back in the game.  I give myself permission to learn and not be perfect.  I choose to be patient and give God time so speak and time for my heart to hear.  The more open I become the easier it is. So, now instead of needing hours of naptime because I’m so tired, I invest an hour of my morning in quiet and get the clarity of focus that changes my day, my week and my life.  Are you ready for some Quiet Time?

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