Overcoming Challenges!

Why in the world would a 59-year old woman (non-hiker) choose to climb Pikes Peak on an absolutely perfectly beautiful day?

For as long as I can remember I have been afraid of heights, rocks, loose stones, uneven surfaces and anything athletic.  Those fears have deprived me of much enjoyment from beaches, to cruise ships, to family activities and group events.   I have been whittling away at those fears over the past ten years, but they were still prevalent.

Two years ago Forest and Anna climbed Pikes Peak for the first time.  I had wanted to go with them, but had a health condition that just wouldn’t let me.  I tucked that ‘dream’ away in my heart figuring it would not surface again.

Last year, when Forest went, I had no desire to go.  Yes, that dream had passed on.  Yet, this year, when Anna organized a group to go and sent me an invitation on Facebook, that dream surfaced with intensity.  I WANTED TO GO!

It was such a crazy notion that I prayed – – – “Lord if I can’t make it to the top safely, take this desire away.  If I can, then make it stronger.”  Yes, stronger it became.

I trained the best I knew how with my trainer.  I did hours on the treadmill at a 10-12% incline;  I hiked; I did endurance exercises.  I also prayed and addressed my emotions. I also asked the Lord for a day of perfect weather, which we had!

Many times on that hike I would remember scenes in my life of giving up on dreams.  I remembered times I let the fears stop me from my heart’s desires.  So much more than hiking was happening in me!

The harder it got, the more my heart stepped up.  The more my heart would speak promises God had given me.

After 12 long hours, we inched across the top.  I could barley talk but I had OVERCOME 50+ years of limitations and fears!

I did it!  Whatever fears and limitations you face – no your matter age – YOU CAN OVERCOME!  If I did, you can!  Be sure to let your heart speak.  Let God infuse you with the strength and ‘perfect weather’.  Pick your team wisely and KNOW you can OVERCOME!!!

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