Not All Proteins Are Created Equal

Having worked with protein shakes for over 15 years and knowing first hand their benefit, I highly recommend them. The challenge to the consumer is knowing what to buy.
Key Factors in Selecting Protein Powder
Beyond Grams
The “grams of protein” is not a good indicator of nutrition. It is the quality of consumable protein that is key. That difference is hard to demonstrate on a label, unless you know what to look for. Many companies spike the gram’s by adding gelatin (good for hair and nails, but not for muscle) and milk powder (helpful for bones but not muscle). Read labels and avoid products using those ‘protein fillers.’
Speed of Absorption
How quickly protein is assimilated is critical. Many people have challenges digesting protein. This is evidenced by cold hands/ feet, constipation, headaches, gallbladder issues, hormonal imbalances, and/or fluid retention. Having digestive enzyme support in a protein powder greatly increases its ability to be absorbed.
Speed of Conversion
How quickly amino acids get transported to blood and how quickly they then get assimilated into muscle and other tissue for repair and rebuilding is important.
•Egg protein 1.3 grams/hour
•Casein isolate – 6.1 grams/hour
•Whey isolate – 8-10 grams/hour
There’s not much evidence that these variations make a difference to muscle building over the longer term, although whey has shown some advantage in short-term studies. When addressing blood sugar balancing that increase in converting the protein to the muscle can be helpful.
Whey does convert faster, but the lactose can be problematic for those sensitive to dairy. Whey sources without lactose have the potential to convert to muscle more rapidly in the short term without negatively impacting dairy sensitivities.
After having worked with many protein powders for over 15 years, I recommend the Vi-Shake for the following reasons:
–         High levels of consumable protein (no gelatin, no milk products)
–         Easily assimilated with the added enzyme support
–         Ease of conversion to muscle in the short term with the whey and the lactose has been removed.
–         Added nutrition – added vitamins, minerals and probiotics to the enzymes gives added nutrition at no additional cost.
–         Added fiber – fiber is needed to feel ‘full’ and to support intestinal function. It is easier to drink a delicious shake than to eat 30 prunes (the equivalent of the fiber in the Vi-Shake)
–         Pure soy – pure soy protein has many health benefits. Having removed the problematic isoflavins, the pure soy is heart-friendly and a rich source of protein.
–         Tastes Great – we have carried many protein powders that had to be doctored up in order to be palatable (egg white being the most notorious for lack of taste). The Vi-Shake tastes great made with just pure water.
–         Value – at less than $2.00/shake, the value is obvious.
If you haven’t tried the Vi-Shake, call the Lifestyle for Health office for your sample today!  719-488-5688

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