New Beginnings

On January 1st, our family has a tradition of doing our dream boards for the year. Some years we do it as one big board, some years we each do our own. It is quite interesting to look at the previous year’s ‘dreams’ and see how many of them transpired, just because we had a focus.
Some ‘dreams’ take more than a year to happen. However, keeping our eyes on our ‘dreams’ keeps us energized, encouraged and excited to create what matters to us. It is so easy to let ‘life’ derail us, discourage us or just distract us.
So, how do you create a dream board?
Step 1  the easy part – – -purchase a big poster board – any color or just white
Step 2   find pictures of life that attract you.
This year my dream board has photos and words of:
–         Forest and Anna – – partnering together and having fun
–         fitness – – climbing Pike’s Peak, 28% body fat, 30% muscle and enjoying activities
–         friends – – – having fun being active and supporting each other
–         final debt elimination – – have a check with the amount of the final debt with “Paid in Full!” stamped on top of it
–         the outdoors – – to remind me to enjoy God’s world
–         my favorite scripture – – to encourage me
Step 3   arrange the words, pictures into a big collage that inspires you. I frame mine and have it right by my desk so I see it every single day of the year.
Step 4   let your dreams infiltrate your heart each day. The more you keep your eyes on your dreams and off of circumstances, the more you give the Lord entrance into your life, the more the circumstances line up. It is amazing to watch it in happen during a year.
Let this be a fun project – – let it be about what is on your heart and God’s heart. 

Let 2011 be a little bit of Heaven in your life . . . A brand new beginning!

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