My Hero Tucked Away in a Christmas Letter

Beve and her Trainer daughter from the Christmas card

Beve and her trainer/daughter from the Christmas card

Ten years ago we got a Christmas card letter and photo page.  One of the pictures totally caught my eye.  Here was our friend Beve Jo Gamble at 58 with major muscles! Her daughter, Missy, had become her trainer just one year earlier and she looked amazing! 

I remember looking at that photo and thinking, ‘could that ever happen to me?”.  At that time, I looked like I needed something, that is for sure!  Beve Jo had become a hero, yet she had no idea how much her story would impact me!

Cheryl then

This is me back in the days when I received the card!

About 2 months ago, Beve Jo and I reconnected.  She was curious but pretty resistant to the new program I was doing (90 Day Challenge), but we began reminiscing on our earlier years.  I shared how much her ’almost-60-year-old story and photo’ from her 2001 Christmas card letter had really encouraged me.  She had become a “hero” that said it was possible, though she never knew it.  She decided to give the 90 Day Challenge a try and we would see what could happen.

Beve and Cheryl today!

Beve and Cheryl today!

Friday we had lunch and looked at photos.  She had started on the Challenge and was doing well (dropping the ‘stubborn’ 10 pounds she gained two years ago).  As we took our current photos, it was amazing to realize that a now 68-year old and a now 58-year old can really look great and enjoy life.  Each one encouraging the other in different ways and at different times!

You never know when your story and photo can impact another. Share your successes and know that ‘somewhere, someone is being encouraged by you!’

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