Mud . . . From Tears to Joy!

On a cold, rainy day, I was coming home from school on the bus.  I was in second or third grade.  As is stepped of that bottom step, I slid into a mud puddle and landed flat on my behind in front of all the kids on the bus and my family.

Of course everyone thought it was funny and I could hear them howl with laughter.  It wasn’t funny to me. . . . in fact I was mortified and embarrassed.  That began a lifelong fear of falling and making a fool of myself in front of others.

As I have been preparing my mind for the Pikes Peak Climb, that memory came roaring back.  The inner conversation of “you’re going to fall – – you always embarrass yourself when you try to do something like that!”

I knew that lie had been trapped in my mind and the practice hike last Sunday brought it to the forefront as if it were yesterday.  I now have the opportunity to let that belief define my Climb or forever eliminate it from my mental file cabinet!

I love the book Healing Code and have it used it in many ways.  I took that memory and belief to the Code, prayer and let it just disappear.  I’m reprogramming my beliefs and I know I can climb.  I know I can place one foot in front of the other.  I know I have a support team who are there to encourage me not laugh at me.

I’m no longer an adult with that childhood lie running my life!

As I climb Pikes Peak this Sunday, it is  a climb to demonstrate to me that I’ve gone beyond the mud puddle and I’m creating a life that matters to me.  I’m learning I have strengths and abilities that for decades were hidden because that lie held the key to my possibilities. To prove that I am going past those thoughts and fears, I even completed a partial test run, you can check out why I did not quit in this article.

That door has been flung open, that key thrown away and a new future beckons me.  If I fall, I get back up.  One step at a time I will climb that mountain!

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