Mirror Mirror On The Wall….

What do you see when you look in the mirror? 

Many women see a ‘fat, ugly woman’ regardless of what they weigh.  I often see posts on Facebook of women who have lost 30, 50 or even 100 pounds and yet still see themselves as the same size and shape as before the weight loss.

How can that happen?

Our mental image of ourselves (especially women) has nothing to do with the mirror.  It often has nothing to do with the tape measure or the scale.  It has everything to do with the ‘stories’ we tell ourselves over and over.  If we believe we are unattractive, then the scale and tape measure are totally irrelevant.

Beauty is not based on the outside.  It is based on the belief at our core that we are unique, special and beautiful because of who we are.  The more we know that story is true, all the way to our core, than our outer image will transform.

Changing that inner image can break many weight plateaus.  Changing that image can also change how we see ourselves and how others experience us.  Aren’t you worth believing the best instead of the worst about you?

If you are on a transformation program – – – take regular pictures (monthly or every 45 days is ideal). The look at how you have progressed  – – – not what you don’t like.  Learn to see the growth and appreciate every baby step!  One day you will see that woman in the mirror smile back at you and you will sparkle at that beauty!

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