It’s TEST Day!

Remember in school when ‘test day’ came along?  You either knew it or you didn’t and the test would confirm one of the other.

Today was 1 of 3 ‘test days’ for this Challenge.  . . end of 30 days!.  My trainer brings the calipers, I bring the body and we ‘test.’  Scales showed no change in weight.  Started to get discouraged, but decided to wait until I did measurements.  I know enough to know that fat takes up a lot more space than muscles, so, just maybe the inches had changed.

DRUM ROLL, please!  I dropped a total of 9 inches in 30 days!  I was so excited I couldn’t wait to meet my trainer at the door with a huge smile!  I lost 2 ½” in my waist, 3” off of my belly, 1 1/2” off of my hips and 1” off of each thigh!

Now it was time to do the calipers.  Surely if my weight stayed the same and I lost inches, surely there would be a change in body fat.  Having fought this since I turned 48, (high body fat), I was seriously wondering if my body just had amnesia when it comes to changing body fat!

Calipers come out – – – – I burned 4# of body fat and put on 4# of lean muscle in 30 days!  My body fat is down to 23% (from a high of 45%) at age 59!!!!

Oh, yes, the happy dance is on!  I’m so proud of myself for these results!  Now, in just 9 days I’ll be climbing Pikes Peak with this leaner body.  Just imagine where I will be at the end of this 90 day M&M Challenge (Marine Muscles and Abs)!

Oct 26th, the end of this challenge, I know I will be in a different place.  How about you?  Where you will be in 30 days or 90 days?  Are you ready to join me for extra energy, more confidence in your fitness?  Let’s do it together!

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