Do You Have An Upset Stomach?

When you stomach is upset,  it creates a lot of stress on digestion.  When we aren’t Upset Stomacheffectively digesting, then the bowels get toxic, people often have a ‘pooch’ and are almost always tired.

Here is a simple test to take to determine if you have too little stomach acid (HCL) or if you have too much.

Upset Stomach Test:

15-20 minutes after eating a meal, drink the following mixture

  • 1 TBL of cider vinegar
  • Mixed with 2-3 TBL of water

One of two things will happen:

  1. Feel better, which is an indication of too little stomach acid.  Taking this vinegar/water mixture with meals will help.
  2. Feel worse, which indicates excess stomach acid.  For this, I recommend our Enzyme Solutions #12 to help heal the stomach lining.  That can be ordered by calling the Lifestyle for Health office at 719-488-5688.

Now it’s time for your stomach to have a happy face!  Relax when you eat, add the proper support and put a smile back on your face!

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