In the Midst . . .

Ever set a goal, have the initial ‘honeymoon’ excitement . . . and then .. . somewhere in the middle the DOUBTS enter in and you seriously consider quitting or just quit without any consideration?

January 1, 2012, I set my 4th 90 Day Challenge to do a kickboxing video. I‘ve never done anything like that before. Kicking requires strength, balance and coordination. Those three skills have not been in my repertoire!

The first 60 days went well. I discovered a trainer in Georgia, Mark Greubel of Greubel MMA in Augusta, GA. As a 2-time world champion he clearly knows how to do kickboxing. More importantly he also knows how to teach and train. He is never interested in my excuses, but he is interested in my progress. His focus and skill have been invaluable.

I also found a great kickboxing school (Univeral Kempo-Karata) in Colorado Springs. The Johnson’s have brought me in and are now working me out Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. They also encourage, expect the best and aren’t interested in excuses.

Taekwondo black belt Wyatt Ewing,  Pilates instructor and black belt Beth Gannon, and my trainer Susan Iverson, are all encouraging, training and supporting me every week!

You would think that all of their encouragement plus my initial excitement would be more than enough to carry me through a mere 90 days — – right?

The past two days I got ‘hit’ with two simple events. The first was Forest’s casual comment that I looked older than someone we know. Now she is younger than me (so I am older), but still . . . . the ‘inner critic’ took that and RAN WITH IT! “How can an ‘old woman’ do a 90 day kickboxing challenge?” Those could be fighting words or they could be defeating words.

Add to that the second event. I’ve been doing 100 pushups 6 days/week for a couple of weeks. I went to yoga class for the first time in several weeks (too much kickboxing in the schedule!). The instructor had us doing L – O – N – G planks! I thought sure they would be easy after all of those pushups. Well they weren’t!

Now the ‘inner critic’ is having a hay day. Only 25 days until my kickboxing video. How can an ‘old woman who can’t do planks’ think she can do a kickboxing video???

In the ‘midst’ of our goals, the fears, programs and inner critic will show up! Just know they will. What you do at that juncture is life-changing! Will you give in? Will you just use will power and fight? Or will you remind yourself you can do what you set your heart to do and “Love Yourself” onto victory?

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