Healthy Manicures – what I taught my Manicurist

When we moved to Monument last year, I left my manicurist of almost ten years.  I found a lady I really liked, but we both began to notice the deterioration of my nails.  Knowing I had not changed that much of my internal program, we began to check her products and processes.

Over a couple of months we made some simple changes and my nails returned to their natural strength, shape and color.  Gayle is now sold on “natural manicures”.  If your natural nails don’t look great, maybe you can teach your manicurist!
Here is what we changed:

–          No more soaking in lotions or anti-bacterial soapy water.  Instead we use just simple coconut oil. The oil smoothes the skin, softens the cuticle and nourishes the nail. (Barlean’s Coconut Oil )

–          We added buffing the nail to increase circulation, shine and smoothness to the nail surface.

–          For pedicures, she no longer uses product with chemicals and dyes to exfoliate. Her solution – simple table sugar to exfoliate the feet and legs.

–          We eliminated all polishes that contain formaldehyde and/or toluene for more natural polishes.

I’m back to having healthy nails, smooth cuticles and soft skin.  To maintain at home, I frequently rub coconut oil into my cuticles and use as a skin softener after showering.

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