Happy Holidays!

For the average person, the holidays will add 8-10 pounds of extra weight to their body! Since I don’t plan to gain any weight, someone will be gaining 16-20 pounds – – is that you?

Why the weight gain? Well that seems pretty obvious when you think of the food, stress and skipped meals. Yet, how can we enjoy the holidays if we don’t indulge at each party and activity?

A friend gave interesting perspective the other day. She said, “the holiday foods will be always be here, I can choose to create a different pattern so that the foods aren’t with me come January.” Coming from a former ‘sugar-holic’ that is profound!

What are some options to prevent that excess baggage on your belly, hips or thighs?

1. Eat breakfast!

Nothing impacts blood sugar imbalances more than skipped breakfast or eating a meal of carbs and sugar (i.e., cold cereal, bagel or pastry). Eating breakfast is the first step and then make sure that the breakfast has protein. My favorite is a delicious protein shake (hot or cold) and my favorite is the Body by Vi shake (check it out at www.lifestyleforhealth.com/challenge).

2. Eat Snacks

Eating every 3 hours will help stabilize blood sugar. Don’t skip meals and snacks to ‘save up’ for that big meal at night. That is putting blood sugar imbalances on steroids and will guarantee over-eating and weight gain.

Plan and have snacks with you for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. My favorites include protein (i.e., muffins from the Vi Shake, cottage cheese, 6-10 pecans/ almonds, hard cooked eggs, guacamole and veggies, etc.). Making sure I have plenty of muffins made ahead helps a lot as that is high protein and fiber and fills me up but not out. My favorite is of course chocolate! (www.lifestyleforhealth.com/recipes)

3. Avoid Insulin Impacting Foods

During the holidays, or any time you want stable blood sugar, avoid the ‘whites.’ White flour, white sugar, white rice and any food with those as the base can add to belly fat. Vote for clean protein sources, lots of veggies, a small amount of fruit and some grains such as quinoa and wild rice.

I’ve put extra recipes on our website to give you ideas and encouragement, that this holiday season you can lose weight, enjoy the holidays and save some money! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

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