Getting to the Top . . . Will I?

The scariest moment is always just before you start. – Stephen King

Two years ago a bunch of friends planned to climb Pikes Peak – – a 14,000 ‘ climb, staring at 6,500’.  It is a total of about 13 miles. I planned to join them and then a health challenge hit and it wasn’t possible.  A big disappointment filled my heart in missing the adventure and in feeling like a ‘loser!’

Last year, the same time came and Forest joined our friends on the Peak Climb, but my heart wasn’t in even trying.  The climb seemed daunting and I had nothing in me that wanted to even try. I had walked away from that dream.

Ever feel you have missed your ‘window of opportunity’ on something that matters to you?

Well this year I had a breakthrough by doing my first 10K in May.  I had not done a lot of cardio training prior to the Bolder Boulder.  Granted I only walked, but I discovered I could go that far and I wasn’t even really winded at the end.  That began to give me hope for that buried dream – – climbing Pikes Peak.

I began to ‘peak’ at my dream.  Could I?  Would I?  This 90 Day Challenge is about building muscle through endurance training.  I began to notice how much stronger I’ve been feeling. . . . the ‘peaks’ at my dream have become longer and the desire is creeping up on me.

Today, Forest and I did a ‘qualifying’ hike.  It was just less than 5.5 miles and I wanted to do it in less than 2 hours and feel ok at the end.  If I couldn’t do that, I would walk away from doing the “Peak” this year on September 9 with our friends.

Well — —  I did it!  Yep, I did it!!!

I had a major discovery on this hike.  My blood sugar starts dropping around 45 minutes.  If I wait for an hour to eat something, I quickly lose energy, focus and ability to climb.  Without noticing, I would not have discovered a key support for me.  I know I need to eat regularly during the day, but didn’t think it would be more frequent when hiking.

A friend who just did the Peak in just over 4 hours,  said that consuming energy snacks every 30 minutes made a big difference for her – – today, that ‘made sense’ to me.

When pursuing a goal – – – pay attention!  Your team will give you nuggets; your body will give you insights IF you are paying attention!

Now, there are 20 days before the  climb of Pikes Peak – – – -how will I prepare?  What will I do?  Stay tuned! 

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