Essential Fatty Acids

Is Your Body Lubricated with the Right Oil?

I’m sure most of you have heard of flax, fish, evening primrose, coconut, borage and many other oils. Have you ever wondered which oils would be best for you? 

 Here is a simple little glossary to help you know what each oil does and how you can know the best oil for your body and for this season of your life.

 Flax oil

  • Flaxseed oil is the highest source of Omega 3 on the planet.
  • It is the least expensive source of the Omega 3s, which are essential to the body and must be obtained through diet and/or supplementation.
  • Flax oil converts to EPA and DHA in the body (if the body/liver is not too stressed) from the LNA in the flaxseed.
  • It takes 4-5 TBL of ground flaxseed to match the equivalent LNA of 1 TBL of oil.
  • It takes approximately 9 capsules of flaxseed oil to match the value of 1 TBL of oil.
  • Dark capsules and bottles help protect the Omega 3 properties.
  • Normal dosage is 1-2 tablespoons/day or 9-18 softgel capsules/day 

Flax Oil can be found in Strawberry Banana Swirl, Orange Cream Swirl, Essential Woman Swirl and Total Omega Vegan Swirl

Fish oil

  • Fish oil is a direct source of EPA and DHA. The human body doesn’t have to do the conversion.
  • When the body is under more stress and/or there are more hormone imbalances, fish oil may be easier for the body to assimilate (especially if it is emulsified as in the Barlean’s Swirl products).
  • Recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons/day or 2-6 softgel capsules/day.

Fish Oil can be found in Lemon Swirl, Mango Peach Swirl, Pina Colada Swirl and Orange Cream Swirl

 Evening Primrose oil

  • EPO is used for beauty and health, especially in the area of women’s hormonal health
  • The seeds from the Evening Primrose plant are rich in GLA – – -some people make adequate amounts, but others don’t. 
  • GLA converts to other substances which aids in reducing inflammation, improving skin quality, metabolism for weight loss, regulating insulin action, balance moods and aid in hormonal balancing, especially PMS and menopause.
  • It can be taken orally and applied topically
  • Recommended dose is 2-3 softgel capsules/day. (Simply prick the capsule to release the oil for topical application.)

Evening Primrose Oil can be found in Essential Woman Swirl

Coconut oil

  • The fatty acids in coconut oilsupport the immune system, cardiovascular system, metabolism and energy production.   It also supports hair and skin quality.
  • Coconut oilis shown to help the body to accelerate weight loss and it is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial powerhouse.
  • It can be used in cooking (replacement for butter), baking or sautéing foods.
  • It can be used on hair, skin, rubbed into cuticles and buffed into nails. It softens the heels or elbows. It only takes a small amount to make a difference.
  •  There is not a recommended dose.

Borage oil

  • Borage oil is very rich in GLA or Omega 6.
  • It is pressed from the borage or starflower plant.
  • The Arthritis Foundation recommends using GLA supplementation (1999 Guide to Alternative Therapies – – Arthritis Foundation).
  • GLA via borage supports nerve conditions, hormone balancing (PMS, menopause), inflammatory response and lean muscle mass.
  • This is the most expensive of the oils. It is found in the Total Omega products by Barleans (Orange Cream Swirlalso has borage).
  • Recommended dose is 1 softgel capsule/day.

Pumpkin seed oil

  • Pumpkin seed oil is known to support prostate health and heart health.
  • Pumpkin seed oil is found in the Omega Man products by Barleans, in addition to flaxseed oil.
  • Recommended dose is 1 tablespoon/day

Barlean’s Coconut Oil

Without a doubt, my favorite coconut oil for cooking, baking and external body use is Barleans. The smell, feel and texture is unlike any I have ever tried.
The coconut oil provided by Barleans is from organic coconuts that are dried at low temperatures. Some of the benefits of consuming coconut oil include
·        Accelerated weight loss and more energy
·        Anti-bacterial and anti-viral support
·        Increased good cholesterol and reduced cardiovascular disease
·        Healthy skin, hair and nails
You can replace butter and/or other spreads with coconut oil. It can be used in baking, sautéing, as the flavor is light. For topical use, use small amounts and rub through hair to bring out the natural shine, rub into cuticles to soften, rub into skin after showering for smooth, supple skin.
You will find Barlean’s Coconut Oil to be one of the best all-purpose products that lasts a long time!! I keep it in the kitchen, bathroom and travel bag – — add it to your life. Your body will love you for it!

What is the universal stress point on the body?

Tight shoulders! Not only does this represent carrying too many burdens it is also an indication of a fatty acid deficiency. When you add an easily absorbed Omega 3 support to your day, you support:
–        Cellular health
–        Cardiovascular health
–        Joint mobility and bone density
–        Energy and endurance
–        Memory and mood
–        Brain and eye development in children
–        Hormonal health
The challenge with so many Omega 3 products is that the body has trouble assimilating fatty acids, especially when under stress. Barlean’s Swirl products are emulsified which means it is easier for your body to assimilate these good oils and get all of their nutritious benefits.
Check out the new Total Omega Orange Swirl — how could the taste of ‘orange sherbert’ be so good for you? The people at Barlean’s made it happen and now you can enjoy the benefits regardless of your age or gender. Omega 3-6-9 support just got easy and fun!

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