Embracing Your Challenge

Saturday morning – and  I’m excited to get to the gym to try out a new workout!  As I’m getting ready, I’m trying to figure out this new me that I’ve been experiencing the last few weeks?  It hit me, I’m “embracing my challenges”.

Last week Cheryl started talking about the fact that we are either being challenged or we are are on a challenge.  My add on to that: we are either being embraced by our challenge(s) (they control us) or we are embracing our challenge(s) (we control them).  This month I am no longer just doing my challenge, I am embracing it . . . and that is a world of difference!

I’m embracing the new me that is being created (and restored) – I’m having fun experiencing smiling more from the inside, fun learning to enjoy being me, fun embracing my physical goals, fun embracing building my business!

Embracing = moving to a whole new level of ownership, joy and victory.

Embracing my challenges is about changing my life forever.  One of my goals is to complete a triathlon next May and that means swimming a mile in an open lake – embracing that challenge means I will get to overcome, at a whole new level, a lifetime of being challenged by asthma.  Now I’m challenging it  – and it’s going to have to go!

So today – best workout at the gym that I can remember having in a long time.  Had my best one mile time on the tread mill, then a full body work out with max weights for 8 reps, then a 1/4 mile in the pool and almost back to my top time from 2 months ago. Came home energized and felt amazing all day!

My motivator – my desire to get a little better every day – transforming my life and 100’s of thousands of lives across North America.

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