Doing the Right Things Imperfectly!

Fall is in the air and summer is quickly fading away. The fall is the best time of year to get refocused on the ‘right things.’ 
One of my favorite mentors, Mike Larkins, said something on our Hawaii trip this summer that greatly impacted me. We made a plaque and it sits on my credenza in plain sight. 
   “ Doing the right thing imperfectly leads to quantum leaps.
      Be in motion doing the right things.”
                ~ Mike Larkins, Max International President
For years, I focused on doing things perfectly! That set me up for years of health and relational challenges. If I could offer you one direction for this fall . . be in motion doing the right things imperfectly! Here are 3 very simple ‘right things’ to help the end of 2010 wrap up with ease.
#1             Exercise. . . .MOVE! 
You don’t have to run a marathon to get exercise. Anna, our daughter, has struggled with exercise just about as much as I have. This year she began to be more active as she has met new friends who are active. The more active she became, the more she enjoyed it. 
This September she is planning to run a half marathon! She began with baby steps and has discovered she can do far more than she imagined. What might you do, if you start with some baby steps? Connect with friends to encourage you and get moving. It doesn’t have to be perfect!
#2        Add some FIBER
Most people under-estimate the power of fiber. In fact, fiber can actually help you lose weight. Every gram of fiber you consume can subtract 7 calories. If you consume the recommended daily amount of 35 – 40 grams of fiber, you can subtract 245 – 280 calories a day! 
Most people only get 10 grams of fiber each day. Adding almost any of the following could double your fiber intake! Which of these high fiber foods are a surprise to you?
·        1 cup bran cereal                    20 grams
·        1 cup cooked lentils                16 grams
·        1 cup cooked black beans      15 grams
·        1 med avocado                        11 grams
·        1 cup cooked peas                   8 grams
·        I cup cooked kale                    7 grams
·        ½ grapefruit                            6 grams
·        1 apple with skin                     5 grams
·        1 cup blueberries                    4 grams
#3        Have some FUN!   
Without a doubt, laughter and fun improve your immune function and your disposition.    Anna has spearheaded our FaceBook venture. We did some really fun give-aways this past sumer . . . a year of free Barlean’s oils and one of my books (Color Me Trim). If you haven’t become a fan of the Lifestyle for Health FB page . . please do so. You may be missing out on a very easy step of fun and you just never know what will be given away in September!
Here are some of the FUN activities we have planned this month. Why not schedule your September FUN!
–         Mexican Fiesta with Friends – — Have everyone bring some of the food and just set back and let the laughter begin.
–         Art Walk – – – We can stroll around Monument and enjoy the beauty of small town America. What FUN, small town is near you?
–         Pilates class – Check out new classes at a local YMCA or gym. 

You don’t have to be perfect, remember?

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