Cold Hands and Cold Feet . . .

We have all heard the saying, ‘cold hands, cold feet, warm heart.’  Yet those cold extremities are actually telling us a very different story.  Cold hands and feet are a common indication of lacking protein and/or not digesting your protein.

If your hands and feet are cold AND you have constipation (less that 1-3 bowels DAILY), they you are both deficient and not digesting your protein.

If your hands and feet are cold but you have regular bowels, than you are simply deficient in protein.

Since adequate protein (and properly digested) is also key for calcium absorption, it isn’t uncommon to see these same people calcium deficient even when they take calcium supplementation.

Other signs of lacking and/or poor assimilation of protein include:

  • tight muscles
  • poor quality fingernails
  • thin, wrinkled, aging skin
  • poor quality hair
  • ridges in the fingernails
  • menstrual cramps
  • excess saliva

How do you know how much protein you need?  The rule of thumb is to get half or your body weight in grams of protein (more if you workout hard, are pregnant and/or nursing).
The problem is when that protein is all coming from animal sources it is hard on the kidneys.  Adding a protein shake helps a lot IF it can be assimilated.  Ensuring that enzymes are in the formulation makes a huge difference.  Bioavailability (ease of absorption) radically changes the results in muscle, hair, skin, nails and those ‘hands and feet!’

My preference for adding easily assimilated protein is Hydrolyzed Protein Collagen by Protein Essentials. (use coupon code ‘lifestyle’ at checkout for a 10% discount).

For ease of digestion of protein, (unless you have heartburn, then contact me for options), our professional Enzyme #30 is a great boost to overall digestion (2 capsules per shake/meal).  Call our office to order: 719-488-5688.

Instead of needing 2 pairs of socks, gloves and blankets, how about warming up those hands and feet with a great diet! Once your body has an even temperature, you can know a whole lot of things are working better internally!

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