Coconut Oil’s Many Benefits!

Not all fats are created equal!  Without getting too complicated, coconut oil has a couple of major distinctions that are good for us in many ways.  Because coconut oil is a medium chain (vs. long chain) fatty acid, it is much easier for the body to assimilate.  This is especially important for people with gallbladder stress and or difficulty in digesting fats.  In the clinic, I found that most women over 45 had trouble digesting fats as well as anyone with adrenal fatigue.

In addition to ease of digestion, coconut oil contains lauric acid.  When lauric acid breaks down in the body it becomes highly toxic to viruses and bacteria; meaning coconut oil helps boost the immune function in the body.  The only other substance with lauric acid is breast milk and we all know that is a significant immune builder.

Hair Care:  the small molecular structure of coconut oil easily passes into the hair’s shaft. This helps condition the hair from the inside out whereas other conditions coat the shaft.  Massage the oil into the scalp can often offer relief from dandruff, which can be caused by an internal fungal condition.  For deep conditioning, use 1-2 teaspoons on damp hair (left on for as long as possible, up to overnight).

Skin Care:  again the composition of the coconut oil helps it penetrate deeply into the skin.  This conditioning acts as a barrier against environment and free radical damage.  It also acts as a natural sun protection (screening 20% of ultraviolet exposure).  It helps smooth the skin and, due to it containing vitamin E, it helps hasten the recovery of skin abrasions, burns and other trauma.

Weight Loss:   The medium-chain fatty acids help speed up metabolism and coverts to energy more quickly than other fats.

In addition to these benefits, coconut oil has been linked to improved brain function, lowering the risk of diabetes, improving cholesterol levels and even helping prevent fatigue.

The recommended daily intake of coconut oil is 3-4 tablespoons when taken internally.  I use it for cooking, baking and even on my sprouted grain toast each morning.   You can also apply coconut oil topically to the hair, skin and even gums.

A tub of Barlean’s Coconut Oil sets in our kitchen and our bathroom.  We use it internally, externally and love the light, natural fragrance!

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