Circumstances Can Change

Forest and I started our marriage with quite a few challenges. My health fell apart, our finances crashed and we had few clues how to blend our unique personalities. Our circumstances have totally changed over the years. Let’s take a look at my situation just over twenty years ago before I give you a couple of “EASY” strategies!
October 6, 1988 I wrote,
Cheryl – 7 years ago
“I feel numb; there seems to be no feeling or desires left in me. There are no tears, no anger, only tiredness. No desires no dreams . . . nothing seems to matter. Whether I clean the house today , tomorrow, or next week, it doesn’t seem to matter. I have no idea what to do anymore. Everything I have done this past year created disaster. I am right back to where I was last October, three Octobers ago, four Octobers ago. The same problems, only now they are more severe. In addition, my health has deteriorated. What does God want from me now? I don’t even feel lost anymore. You have to be going somewhere to get lost . . I no longer know what ‘my lot’ or ‘my work’ in life is. Any life in me, beyond mere physical existence, must be given to me . . . I can’t do it anymore. “
Have you ever been in that place? Broke, tired, discouraged and seeing no way out? I’m here to say, circumstances can change because YOU can change! 
Here are 4 EASY steps you can take to change your circumstances!
Energy                       As much as I have done over the years to address my health and energy, I’m finding the new Max ATP  helps my workouts and it smoothes out my emotions and overall sense of emotional well being!
Activity                      Sitting at home dwelling on your issues, only makes them and you bigger! Get out of your house. Even a 5-10 minute walk can change perspective. Check out the new articles  and video on exercise on our website.
Smile                          Your face tells a lot about your health. Dr. Cheryl has been teaching the “Face & Nails” class for a long time. Check out this PowerPoint presentation that lets you examine your face and get an inside peak at what your face is saying to you. The presentation was created by Mikki Davis and is based on live presentations given by Dr. Cheryl.
You + . . .                   Create a community! No friends? Invite someone over, connect with neighbors. Connect with Lifestyle for Health and join a community that can help you! Add “healthy” people to your life!
Cheryl - Hawaii

      Forest & Cheryl today!!!!

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