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Are You Allergic to Fat?

As I am working with clients who have trouble losing weight, I’m often finding an ‘allergy’ to fat. A person with the allergy could also have mucus in the throat inflamed tonsils Since the mineral Sulphur helps deal with this issue, if a person is also deficient in Sulphur, they may experience: poor growth in […]

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You Mean I Can Have Chocolate?

Most women ‘love’ chocolate!  If you are one of those women, I have great news for you!  Dark chocolate has health benefits! Not all chocolate is created equal.  When you use milk chocolate and add a lot of sugar, you reverse those health benefits.  Skip the milk, go directly to dark and let the fun […]

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Don’t Skip Meals to Lose Weight!

We all know that over 65% of Americans are overweight, yet few have discovered one of the simplest, easiest secrets to deal with that . ..  TIMING! Eating every 3 hours is key to weight loss?  Why?  Going more than 3 hours, causes the body to turn on its natural ‘starvation protection mechanism’ – – […]

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A Mother’s Heart

Something very special happens when you give birth to a child.  No matter how challenging the pregnancy or delivery, that baby just captures your heart. Our Anna Forae was born December 9, 1985.  My pregnancy was a challenge and the 27 hours of delivery was equally has hard.  Yet, that precious little girl was beautiful […]

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