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Tips for Overcoming Dry Skin

Tips for Overcoming Dry Skin No matter how expensive (or not) your skin care is, you can use these 5 simple strategies to help you go from dry to beautiful skin.     Tip #1                        Avoid the Leading Culprits Sugar, alcohol, smoking and trans fats break down skin quality.  The healthier your diet, the healthier […]

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5 Tips to Healthy Strong Nails

Healthy Nails Your nails reflect inner and outer health.  These 5 tips help you create beautiful nails with just minutes a day. Tip #1                        Oil Your Nails! Neem oil and coconut oil are wonderful oils to rub into the nail bed and cuticle.  Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds […]

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6 Trouble Shooting Recipes

Trouble Shooting Recipes Before I share the trouble shooting suggestions – – – our Recipe Section has been improved so it is easier to find recipes. Check it out and enjoy the many great recipes!! I recently suggested a client make the Protein (Almond Butter) Bread as she and her family are cutting out […]

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2 How Hydrated Are You?

I often find clients dehydrated and yet their first response is “I drink lots of water!” Drinking water and utilizing water to create full hydration are two different results. Since water makes up over 70% (by weight) of our body’s composition (more in the brain), assimilating water is one of the first steps to take […]

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What’s for Dinner?

Come about 4:30 PM, this question is on the mind of most women – “Great, one more day nothing to eat, so guess it is fast food, restaurants or another ‘frozen’ dinner”. Or, a repeat of the last few days – throw together the left overs! Sound familiar? Years ago, I figured out some strategies […]

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