Breaking Addictions

Stress can overwhelm us cause to seek a ‘fix’ to comfort us. We might look to cigarettes, alcohol, food, sugar or even drugs to calm our bodies. Over time that approach can become an addition. In the clinic, I found that sugar and smoking were two of the most challenging addictions to break.

Recently, we were with friends and I heard a story that fascinated me. A woman who had struggled to address her smoking addiction had had a breakthrough in just 10 days! One of the products we use to help obese and overweight people address food and sugar cravings (Vi-Trim) worked for her!

When someone is overweight, their body can become ‘anxious.’ leading to the consumption of the wrong foods for weight loss. Will power alone is rarely enough to address that strong type of addiction. Using our Vi-Trim, we have seen people be able to calm the body and more easily make better food choices.

This woman decided to try the Vi Trim and see what happened to her. In 10 days she had no desire for a cigarette. Of course, every single person is different and her experience might not be yours.

When she shared her story, my ‘trouble-shooting’ mind went to work. How could that be? Why would that happen? “Of course!”, I thought. Smokers are like those with food/sugar addictions. Their body gets hyper and they need something to calm them down.

Our bodies know that being hyper or agitated is not good, so we crave something to calm us down. Over time, we create ‘calming habits’ that seem to work . . . . until we look at the costs! We all know the cost of cigarettes – not just financially but also with our health.

thanks to Christine Marsh

What if something could easily calm your body and help you to make different choices? I knew that could happen with food cravings, now it seems it can help smokers.

ViTrim is a powder that can be added to any liquid (even soup). It contains chromium to help balance blood sugar and cholesterol, plant extracts to suppress appetite and other natural ingredients.

My favorite way is to add it to our delicious protein Vi Shake and give the person a great meal or snack. You can order the Vi-Trim by going to or by calling our office at 719-487-3171.

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