Being Happy is a Choice!

Most people (especially women) are looking to relationships for their sense of happiness. The most important relationship – – the one with themselves – – is overlooked. You can’t have a healthy, happy relationship with anyone until you can enjoy YOU!
Even the scriptures say this – – -“love your neighbor as yourself.” How you treat YOU determines how you treat others. If you are critical of you, it is highly likely you will be critical of others.
Here are a few tips to begin enjoying YOU!
–         Make a Bliss List of the things that let you feel bliss. Then do at least one a week.
–         Laugh at least once a day.
–         Forgive yourself for not being perfect.
–         Appreciate all that you have every day – – no matter how short your list starts!
–         Share what you appreciate about family members on a daily basis.
–         Interrupt your ‘fear thoughts’ with an “I can . . .” response
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