Be Uniquely You!

Have you ever tried a program to find it works for everyone but not you?  Ever wonder if there is just something wrong with you?  Add a bit of hormone imbalance and yourbe uniquely you emotions taking detours everywhere and you have the recipe for a ‘meltdown!’

Having worked with tens of thousands of people, (mostly women) I can say without a doubt, the issue isn’t you, it is not knowing your own uniqueness!

If you wear a size 8 shoe and try to stuff your foot into a size 6, of course it won’t fit. The issue isn’t your foot, it is the shoe!  Likewise if you are hiking up Pikes Peak and you have on flip-flops, then again, the issue isn’t you, it is the shoe!

Over the next several issues, I will be going over the elements that make you Uniquely You!  Your blood type, metabolism, digestion, Candida, emotions and personality all play a role in creating your uniqueness.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, but we do have to put all of the puzzle pieces into place.  The results will allow you to be your unique BEST!  You will be thrilled to be just who you were created to be!

We will start with blood type, so if you don’t know your blood type, the first step is to find out what it is.    For example, if you are a blood type O, I’ve found that excess mucus (i.e., snoring, clearing throat, etc), inflammation (pain), lung (i.e., asthma) are common.  Recently I was having lunch with a couple of new girl friends.  One mentioned being blood type A and the other O.  I asked the A if she had any digestive issues and the O if she had any inflammation.  They both were surprised and immediately said yes and asked “how did you know?”  Some patterns just go with each of the blood types.

Our next issue will cover the patterns of the four blood types and how they impact your food choices, digestive issues, inflammation, exercise requirements and so much more.

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