Baby Steps to Health

“Your decisions determine your destination.“  by Jim Irwin (8th Man to walk on the moon)

That quote was made famous by the father of a dear friend of mine, Jan Irwin Ewing. For many people, getting health seems as far away as the moon – — totally outside of reality for their time, budget and ability.

Yet, our decisions and baby steps can bring us health!  These 3 Baby Steps are simple decisions that can change your destination.

Step 1  Drink Water

Colorado is dry and we know we need to water our grass to keep it alive.  Our bodies are more than 70% water and we need water, too. We basically need half of our body weight in ounces of water (Ex: adult weighing 150# needs 75 oz. of water/ day).  If you are not thirsty, simply do 4 sips of water every half hour to reawaken your sense of thirst.

Step 2  Put Your Feet Up

Many people know they are stressed for a variety of reasons.  The more stressed we are the more our bodies use up vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fuel.  This can result in ‘belly fat’, poor sleep, malnourishment and a host of diseases.  The simplest step to minimize stress is the R&R Pose.

Lying on the floor, elevate your feet on a chair so that they are higher than your torso and your knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle.  This uses gravity to bring the blood flow back to the mid-section, which will calm the nervous system.  Fifteen minutes in this position will give the body approximately four hours of ‘rest.’  (Of course this doesn’t mean you can do it twice and not sleep!)  This is designed to help refresh you any time of the day!

Step 3   Eat Fresh

With farmer’s markets abounding . . . eat fresh!  The more you eat fresh, the less you will be eating ‘stuff’ from boxes (miniature coffins) and the more you will actually feed your body and delay the time until they put you in a ‘box!’

Creating health can be simple and easy.  You can make the decision to create a healthy you and you can walk in a whole new world!

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