Are You STUCK together or HELD together?

As I was doing research today for a colleague, I was reminded of how much the American diet is based on ‘paste!’  Some of you are too young to remember making paste with flour and water, but it can be done!  Much of the American diet (i.e., pasta, bread, bagels, desserts) is also ‘flour and water’ and really does ‘paste’ or stick our insides together.  Not a pretty picture

The alternative is FIBER!  We should have 35 grams of fiber in our diet, yet most Americans only get 10 grams or less.  What happens when we get too little fiber?  We get

  • A higher risk of cancer
  • A higher risk of heart disease
  •  Varicose veins (another not too pretty picture)
  • OBESE!

Yes, a lack of fiber contributes to a lot of diseases and weight gain.  You might be surprised what could add fiber to your diet:

  • avocados have about 11 gams of fiber
  • dark chocolate (not milk) can have 4-6 grams (now you do have to eat something other than chocolate)
  • Vi Shake has 5 grams of fiber/ shake
  • Veggies have fiber

 Now about a rich chocolate shake for lunch and guacamole with veggies for a snack?  You just increased your fiber and started shrinking your waist!  Now that is a pretty picture!

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