Are You Really Going to Quit?

It is 5 days until my climb up Pikes Peak.  A couple days ago, we decide to have me experience the first couple of miles going up to Barr Trail.  We get to Manitou Springs to park and the place is packed!  We have to park a mile from the trail entrance.

“Well, let’s go someplace else” I suggested.  “I don’t want to walk 2 extra miles just to have this experience!”  I knew I was giving excuses, but the thought of two extra miles and the sheer magnitude of what I had committed to was overwhelming me.  Seems my brain was shutting down by the minute!

Would I quit?  If Forest hadn’t just insisted on starting, I would have quit.  A team to support and encourage is essential when you feel like quitting!

We climb the steep pavement to get to the start of the trail.  Then it is a steep climb up the trail.  Now I’m on to one of my biggest fears – – – I realize I have to go down every step I climb!  I’m going up really well, but my brain is becoming consumed with the thought of coming down the steep train with jagged rocks and loose gravel.

I begin to focus more on the fear of going down and I can feel the energy just drain. My brain is obsessing on my fear.  Ever feel that your brain is undermining your desire to reach a goal?

So, now what?

I determine I will go 1½ miles up the trail.  I do my snacks, I put one foot in front of the other and I refuse to sit down on the ground and cry!  I did that! It wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t quit!

I did the 2 ½ miles up.  I did the 2 ½ miles down!  (biggest part of my accomplishment).  Now I know I have some work to do on my mindset as well as my endurance and stamina.  I have been focusing on the physical part of my challenge.  It is my mind that will be my biggest supporter of my biggest hindrance.  Know that feeling?

This week marks my final training.  I won’t overlook my mind.  I’ll confront the fears, establish the truth of my strength and partner with God to do what seems impossible to the ‘old’ me.  The ‘new’ me is ready to go beyond all of my old limitations.  I will not quit!!

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