A Mother’s Dream Come True

Our daughter, Anna, has struggled with a sugar addiction since the age of six. As a naturopathic doctor, it has been very hard to watch her struggle, realizing that all of my input only made the problem worse.

What does a parent do when they see their child struggle with something that they actually have experience overcoming? First thing I did was pray for some wisdom. Over the years, I realized that she needed me to love her right where she was instead of trying to make her into somebody else.

Anna Townsley - before and after!

Last year a gift came into our life called the 90 Day Challenge. I was slightly, or should I say extremely resistant, as I didn’t think a meal replacement drink would do any of us any good. I’m so thankful I got over my resistance!!

We all started on our 90 Day Challenge. Over time, Anna had a big result – – the physical craving for sugar was gone. This was huge for her. She saw her weight drop (a life-long challenge), muscle build and her whole shape change.

The last 90 Day Challenge she decided (on her own) to fast from all sugar and starchy foods. 45 days into her challenge came the big test! She had just moved out on her own. She had no Internet connection (meaning no Facebook or email access), no cable, her dog was at our house, no friends (her roommates had not yet moved in) and it was raining. If ever there was a time to get a gallon of ice cream, this was it!

As she pondered her choices, she decided she wasn’t going to blow 45 days and the whole challenge for that ice cream. She had become stronger than the old addiction and she stood her ground!

Today, she can say ‘no’ to all of the sweets her roommates have lying around. She said no to holiday treats and decided to just skip the normal holiday sugar that caused her to stumble for 20 years!

At 25, Anna has become strong, beautiful, healthy and free of an addiction that could have killed her or certainly limited her life. As a mother, I’m forever thankful for the 90 Day Challenge in her life!

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