A Glimpse of the Future

During my late 40s I was running a large wellness clinic in Denver, Colorado.  I was pretty good at helping people with their health challenges.

However, I began to notice that women in their 50s and 60s didn’t look very good.  In fact most of them were stooped over, looking at or already had joint replacements, were still struggling with hot flashes and matronly figures.  As I looked in the mirror, I could see that future could very easily be mine.

Now I had great ‘health’ in that I was on no meds, ate a really clean diet and took hundreds of dollars of quality supplements each month.  I had fallen into the ‘trap’ that having no symptoms meant I was healthy and fit!

That same Christmas I got a Christmas card from a friend (age 58 at the time).  It showed her working out with her daughter (a personal trainer) and it motivated me to consider the “E” word.  A word I could barely speak let alone do!

When I started that “E” activity, I started on a recumbent bike.  My first workout was 30 seconds (yep, seconds not minutes!).  It messed up my emotions so much I had to go to bed for several hours to calm down. Now that is a pretty sad ‘beginning’ for any person, let alone a doctor who is supposedly helping people with overall wellness.


Today, I’m doing things I never thought or dreamed I could do.  BUT, if I hadn’t taken that ‘glimpse of the future’ to heart and made some very simple, humble steps I would have created that other future.

I’m so thankful for that first workout – – – 30 seconds that has led to life-changing results.  Never underestimate that simple baby step.

Even if you start with your 30-second workout, you can create a new future. I’m 59 and living life so much more fully than I did in that ‘successful’ clinic.  I’m now pursuing healthy AND fit!   Join me in creating the future that matters to you and to those that love you!

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