5 Minutes Can Change Your Life

Consistency Matters . . . Baby Steps Create Change!

Part of this 90 Day Challenge for me is 9,000 pushups over 90 days – – that is 100/day or 10/hour.  Since I had already done 3500 in 35 days I thought this would be quite easy.

It is interesting that committing to doing something every single day truly taxes our ability and willingness to be consistent.  Consistent means, “to be in agreement or harmony with oneself.”

When we set a daily goal for our own health and well being, it is amazing what can show up.  We can forget (very easy!), get pre-occupied, too busy, up too late . . . the list goes on and on.  The fact is that this daily activity takes less than a total of five minutes.

What would happen if you were consistent to do something for you  — just 5 minutes – – each and ever day?  I propose you would experience what I am discovering.  I’m learning that every time I get on my knees and push-up I’m realizing I can truly do anything I set my mind and heart to do.

Yes, I’m learning to live in agreement and harmony with me and not let distractions run my life.  I’m learning that baby steps taken over and over get easier and let a person ‘run’ the race of life on their terms!

Time for another 20!

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