10-12 Minute Workout!

Everyone knows they need to work out. Yet, the excuses are just as plentiful to not do it. Here is a simple, yet effective exercise that takes only 10-12 minutes. It uses the REBOUNDER!!
NASA compared jogging, running on a treadmill and rebounding in preparing astronauts for space flights. Their results found:
  • “for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the bio-mechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a rebounder than with running . ..”
  •   Overall, NASA found that the use of the trampoline (or rebounding) exceeded jogging and the use of treadmill in virtually every way to measure results.
 Dr. Morton Walker in the Townsend Letter for Doctors gave the following benefits for rebounding:
–         Increased balance and coordination
–         Lessens chances of cardiovascular disease
–         Aids in lymphatic circulation
–         Lowers resting heart rate
–         Stimulates metabolism
–         Improves eye vision
–         Circulates more oxygen to bodily tissues
–         Tones glandular system, especially the output of the thyroid
–         Increases muscular vigor and the tone of muscle fiber
–         Reduces headaches, back pain and other aches caused by lack of exercise
–         Allows for deeper and easier sleep and relaxation

Calorie Use Guide
(for a 150 pound person)
Activity                                         Cal/ hour           Cal/ 15 min
Rebound-sprint                                   1440                    360
Rebound – strength bounce              1050                    262
Bicycling – 15 mph                              890                      222
Running                                                 750                      187
Jumping rope                                       750                      187
Weight lifting                                        660                      165
Walking                                                 360                      90

What to Look for in a Rebounder
Not all rebounders are made the same.
·        Look for a mat that is not hard or stiff. A stiff mat can cause ankle, knee and/or lower back problems.
·        Nylon webbing along the edge of the mat can tear and/or rot. Look for polypropylene webbing (like seat belt material).
·        It is best if the springs are not attached directly to the frame. This allows for easy replacement as springs will wear out and a good frame will last for a long time.
·        Legs that are about 6” are too short. Springs that are attached from piano wire helps keep the legs firmly attached and yet allow for easy folding and storage
·        Our recommended brand: Needak

10-12 Minute Workout
Be sure to work up to this workout – – – it looks easy, but will take some time to adjust
–         2 minutes of the health bounce (light bouncing)
–         1 minute of waist twists (like skiing – – works the inner organs and waist)
–         3 minutes of aerobic bounding (lifting knees high — – 20 seconds fast, 10 seconds slow, repeat 6 times)
–         2 minutes of optional bouncing (side, front and back kicks)
–         3-3 minutes of strength bouncing (straight up and down with ‘strength’ – – good for strengthening bones)
–         2 minutes of health bounce to cool down


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